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Wide product coverage / Applicable / durable / Easy to install


YearsAccumulation of sedimentation has created the position of plastic mold

Designed and manufactured with advanced foreign technology, reliable quality and excellent performance
  • Integrity Enterprise Quality Assurance

    Integrity Enterprise Quality Assurance

    The company has passed the quality management system certification, which you can trust

  • Strong R & D Advanced Technology

    Strong R & D Advanced Technology

    The company is mainly committed to the research and development of plastic mold technology; the research and development, manufacturing and sales of molds, the research and development of technology, the manufacture and processing of mechanical equipment, plastic containers and other products.

  • Focus on professional, save cost

    Focus on professional, save cost

    The company has regular supplies, complete staffing, complete mechanical equipment, high-end customization, fast shipment, and active support. It's cheap and affordable.

  • On-time delivery and thoughtful service

    On-time delivery and thoughtful service

    Customization to complete the shipment of goods, each link has a strict implementation management system, rest assured throughout. After sale Equipment, training instruction.

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Equipment determines quality, integrity determines win-win situation


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Plastic molds only make qualified products. Your choice is important.

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Shanghai Sutian Plastic Mould Co., Ltd. was established in 2019 and is located in Chedun, a characteristic town in Songjiang District, Shanghai. Sutian Plastic Mould specializes in injection molding factories, injection molding manufacturers, and injection processing provides parts design, structural design, mold development, automotive interior and exterior injection molded parts, Film Insert in-mold injection, and Film Insert in-mold injection technology guidance. Teng Xiaohao, general manager, is a senior engineer who fully masters this new technology .........

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The industry is changing fast. What remains unchanged is our insistence.

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Shanghai Sutian Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.(R & D Center)

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