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Temperature control in injection molding


Nowadays, plastic products are very common in life, because people use plastic products more and more, and there are many types of plastic products, and they are widely used. The quality of plastic products depends on the control of processing. The impact of processing on plastic products is relatively large, especially in the injection molding process, which is a very important and difficult step to control the temperature, so special attention is needed. Now let ’s take a look at the temperature control of injection molding with our Changzhou injection molding.

Shanghai injection processing production

1. One-dimensional heat conduction is adopted in the filling process, and the corresponding cooling is one-dimensional cooling.

2. After the high-temperature fluid enters, the specific heat capacity of the molded product and its own thermal conductivity are unchanged.

3. In the process of product molding, the abrasive tools and plastic parts are in a constant temperature field.

4. In a constant temperature field, when the center temperature is equal to the temperature at which the plastic is thermally deformed, the entire cooling cycle ends. This also shows that the upper and lower limit points have two functions. According to different injection molding requirements, the upper and lower limits of the temperature are also different, so in many cases, specific problems need to be analyzed.

The above is the introduction to the temperature control of injection molding processing. In the injection molding process, the temperature control is very important. If the temperature control is not good, it will directly affect the product quality. Here you can simply understand the injection molding process, because the use of many injection molded parts in our lives is very important. However, it is important to ensure the quality of the product and control the processing, so I hope these can help everyone. If you want to know more, welcome to consult.


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