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Injection processing requirements


Shanghai injection manufacturer

Now we have many plastic products around us, most of them are produced through injection molding. Now injection processing is widely used and plays a very important role in plastic products. It has many advantages and is very welcomed by the processing industry. Now everyone should be relatively new to injection molding processing. I don't particularly understand how it is processed. What kind of requirements does it have when processing? Let us introduce it to you by our injection molding professionals. I believe everyone will know after the party.

1. The processing is subject to the confirmed drawings or written documents. Materials, shapes, thicknesses, and other changes that affect strength cannot be changed at will. Fluoroplastic injection molded parts are selected in principle that require good toughness, wear resistance, low price, and some strength material;

2, when a sheet metal or machined product is replaced with a fluoroplastic injection molded part, the thickness of the plastic product will increase in principle, and the specific design thickness depends on the product structure and function;

3, where the parts that cannot be bonded at one time can be formed at one time, they need to be firm, flat and aligned, and there is no hidden danger of loosening;

In summary, should you now know the requirements required for the processing of injection molded parts? When we are processing injection molded parts, Shanghai injection molding manufacturers must strictly follow the operating rules so that the products produced will be of high quality. . If you have any questions, welcome to contact our injection molding processing factory, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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