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What are the design principles and core of injection mold processing


Shanghai injection processing plant

Knowledge about some mold manufacturers making product threads.

Just make injection molds, thread is one of the points that cannot be avoided. Threads are everywhere in our lives. How to make it on the mold? Mainly divided into external thread and internal thread according to the position of the thread. The so-called external threads are threads exposed to the outside, and internal threads are threads inside the product. We usually use sliders for external threads. Threads made in this way are usually called broken threads. There are two methods for internal threads. One is by hand, and the other is by motor.

Manual threads are usually used on molds with a small amount of product. The Shanghai injection molding factory has fewer orders for this mold. The requirements are not high, so when making the mold, make the thread on the insert, and then make a mold. When injection molding, first put the insert into the mold, and after the injection is completed, take the insert out and put Go to the master and rotate the product out. This approach is for small batches. Automatic threads are usually used on molds with a large amount of product. When injection molding, various plastic parts are produced by rotating the plastic parts through a motor. However, the cost of using this method of production is relatively high. Only in mass production, the use of manual and automatic threads is determined by the specific situation of the product.

什么 What are the principles and cores of injection mold design?

First, mold opening direction and parting line

Each injection molded product must first determine its mold opening direction and parting line at the beginning of the design to ensure that the core-pulling slider mechanism is minimized and the effect of the parting line on the appearance is eliminated.

1. After the mold opening direction is determined, the product's ribs, buckles, protrusions and other structures are designed to be as consistent with the mold opening direction as possible to avoid core pulling to reduce the stitching line and extend the mold life.

2. After the mold opening direction is determined, an appropriate parting line can be selected to avoid the buckle in the mold opening direction to improve the appearance and performance.

2.Deviation angle

1. Appropriate demolding gradient can avoid product fluffing. The release slope of the smooth surface should be ≥0.5 degrees, the surface of the fine grain (sand surface) is greater than 1 degree, and the surface of the rough skin pattern is greater than 1.5 degrees.

2. Appropriate mold release gradient can avoid product top injury, such as top white, top deformation and top break.

3. When designing a deep cavity structure product, the outer surface slope should be greater than the inner surface slope as much as possible to ensure that the mold core does not deviate during injection, obtain a uniform product wall thickness, and ensure the material strength of the product's opening.

III. Product wall thickness

1. Various plastics have a certain wall thickness range, generally 0.5 ~ 4mm. When the wall thickness exceeds 4mm, it will cause too long cooling time, resulting in shrinkage and other problems. It should consider changing the product structure.

2, uneven wall thickness will cause the surface to shrink.

3, uneven wall thickness will cause pores and weld marks.

Fourth, reinforcement

1. Reasonable application of stiffeners can increase product rigidity and reduce deformation.

2, the thickness of the ribs must be ≤ (0.5 ~ 0.7) T product wall thickness, otherwise the surface will shrink.

3. The single-sided slope of the ribs should be greater than 1.5 ° to avoid top injuries.

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