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Solutions to air bubbles in the processing of injection molded parts


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There are a lot of injection molded products currently in use. When using injection molded products, the quality requirements are very high, because the inferior injection molded components have a greater impact on the use, so you need to pay attention to the selection. The quality of injection molded parts depends largely on the processing technology. Each step should be strictly controlled during processing, but air bubbles will appear in the processing of injection molded parts. This is not in compliance with the standard, so let's take a look at the processing of injection molded parts. Solution to air bubbles.

Nowadays, plastic products are very common in life, because people use plastic products more and more, and there are many types of plastic products, and they are widely used. The quality of plastic products depends on the control of processing. The impact of processing on plastic products is relatively large, especially in the injection molding process, which controls the temperature. Shanghai injection molding production is an important and difficult step, so special attention is needed. Now let ’s take a look at the temperature control of injection molding with us.

1. One-dimensional heat conduction is adopted in the filling process, and the corresponding cooling is one-dimensional cooling.

2. After the high-temperature fluid enters, the specific heat capacity of the product after molding and its own thermal conductivity are unchanged.

3. In the process of product molding, the abrasive tools and plastic parts are in a constant temperature field.

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4. In a constant temperature field, when the center temperature is equal to the temperature at which the plastic is thermally deformed, the entire cooling cycle ends. This also shows that the upper and lower limit points have two functions. According to different injection molding requirements, the upper and lower limits of the temperature are also different, so in many cases, specific problems need to be analyzed.

1. When the wall thickness of the product is large, the outer surface cooling rate is faster than the central part. Therefore, as the cooling progresses, the resin in the central part expands toward the surface while shrinking, causing insufficient filling in the central part. This condition is called a vacuum bubble. Solution: a) Determine the reasonable gate and runner size according to the wall thickness. Generally, the height of the gate should be 50% to 60% of the wall thickness of the product. b) Until the gate is sealed, the corresponding supplementary injection material is left. C) The injection time should be slightly longer than the gate sealing time. d) reduce the injection speed and increase the injection pressure, e) use a material with a high melt viscosity grade.

2. Bubbles caused by the generation of volatile gases, the main solutions are: a) fully pre-drying. b) Reduce the resin temperature and avoid the generation of decomposition gas.

3. Bubbles caused by poor fluidity can be solved by increasing the temperature of the resin and mold and increasing the injection speed.

After the introduction of the above article, we learned that there are different reasons for the occurrence of bubbles in the processing of injection molded parts. Only after knowing the specific reasons can we make a solution. As long as the method is correct, the bubbles in the injection molding can be well solved The problem will not affect the quality of the injection molded parts.

I believe everyone knows that there are often processed parts in people's daily lives. With the overall rise of China's economic level, people's living standards have also greatly improved. It is impossible to process products in the processing industry All are perfect, sometimes the product cracks, so why does this happen? Do you know? If you do n’t know, it ’s okay, let me explain to you why the product is in the injection molding process. Related knowledge about cracking.

1. Excessive injection molding pressure, too fast speed, more filling, longer injection and holding time will cause excessive internal stress and cracking;

2. Adjust the mold opening speed and pressure to prevent the demoulding and cracking caused by the fast and strong drawing parts;

3. Properly increase the mold temperature to make the part easy to demold, and appropriately lower the material temperature to prevent decomposition;

4. Prevention of cracks due to welding marks, degradation of mechanical strength caused by plastic degradation;

5. Appropriate use of release agent, pay attention to often eliminate aerosol and other substances attached to the mold surface;

6. Residual stress of the workpiece can be reduced by cracking the internal stress by annealing heat treatment immediately after forming;

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