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Key points of temperature control during injection processing


Shanghai injection processing plant

The temperature can be different according to the raw materials. The temperature required for injection molding processing is also different. If the temperature is too high or too low, it is not good for processing, which will also affect the effect of product waste. For example, if the temperature is too low, the liquid raw materials will show an unconventional color; if the temperature is too high, the products consumed will have burrs and cannot be qualified.

速度 The control of the speed in the pouring channel, if it is fast, it will show the phenomenon of burr, filling and burning, and if it is slow, it will show such phenomena as shrinkage and easy section. Therefore, the speed of pouring should be properly controlled to make the product pass.

Control of cooling time. The cooling time in the mold during the injection molding process is different according to the processed product. The change of cooling is directly related to the surface brightness of the product. Pay special attention to it.

In terms of injection molding processing, the requirements include the above. It can be seen that, as far as the basic conditions of injection molding processing are concerned, temperature, speed control, cooling time control, etc.

The first is the barrel temperature, the temperature required for the process of injection molding, the barrel temperature, the injection nozzle temperature, the mold temperature, etc. Each injection-molded plastic has a different activity temperature. The same injection-molded plastic has different activity temperatures and synthesis temperatures due to different origins or trademarks. This is also due to the difference in the average molecular weight distribution. The plastic injection process of plastic in different types of needle machines is also different, so the barrel temperature is also different.

Nozzle temperature, usually this part is slightly lower than the high temperature of the barrel, which is also to avoid the "salting phenomenon" that the melt may occur in the straight-through nozzle. The nozzle temperature should not be too low, otherwise the nozzle will be blocked due to the early setting of the melt, and the function of the waste may be affected because the early setting material is written into the mold cavity.

The injection molding processing temperature has a great influence on the intrinsic function and surface quality of the waste product. The temperature of the mold can determine the plasticity of the injection molding plastic, the size and structure of the waste product, the function request, and other technical conditions (melt temperature). , Injection speed and injection pressure, molding cycle, etc.

First is the ablation temperature, which is also called the melting point, which refers to the changes in the shape of the raw materials during the injection molding process.

The second is the inactive temperature, which refers to the high temperature of the kiln body that can be used for consumption under a certain pressure without seizure.

The third is the glass transition temperature, which is also a more important concept in the injection molding process. It refers to the transition temperature of the amorphous polymer from the glass state to the high elastic state or the former.

Synthesis temperature refers to the temperature at which the polymer's molecular chain is degraded when the temperature of the polymer in the viscous flow state is suspended from time to time.

Fifth is the activity temperature: the activity temperature is the temperature when only the polymer has a high elastic state and changes to a viscous flow state.

Plastic products are now commonly used in our lives, but in order to improve the performance of plastic products or product appearance dimensions, we all need to stop plastic processing. There are many methods of plastic processing technology, injection molding processing, injection molding processing are all common plastic processing technology used in our lives.

The processing of injection molded parts is very common in our daily life. The dual injection molding process is one of the processing methods of injection molded parts. The dual injection molding process refers to the injection of two different plastic materials together through technical tricks. It has the following three outstanding advantages: First, the change in touch. Some of the injection molding products in the past did not reach the consumer's feel experience, and the dual injection molding process can directly improve the touch feel. The products it creates are more like a carefully crafted crafts. Second, it is more durable. The product life of products manufactured through the double injection molding process can not only greatly improve the product life, but also the strength and abrasion resistance of the products will be greatly improved. Third, the visual impact. The appearance of the appearance directly affects our desire to purchase, and the double injection molding process can make the appearance color of the product more common. Product sales will increase significantly.

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