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A series of disadvantages caused by excessive temperature in the processing of injection molded parts


Injection manufacturer

1, the machine will produce thermal deformation after the temperature exceeds the standard during the processing of injection molded parts

The injection molding manufacturers especially have a great influence on the hydraulic components in the equipment. Because the expansion coefficients of the various moving parts are different, once they are heated, they may get stuck due to the smaller fit clearance, resulting in malfunctions, affecting the transmission of the entire hydraulic system Precision.

2, the temperature is too high during the injection molding process to reduce the viscosity of the oil

This is yet another disadvantage we found. The decrease in oil viscosity is accompanied by an increase in leakage problems and increased wear and tear on components.

3, the deformation of the seal caused by the temperature rise during the processing of injection molded parts

過 Excessive temperature rise will deform the rubber seal, accelerate the aging failure, reduce the sealing performance and service life, cause leakage, and the injection molded part will not be smoothly formed.

4, the temperature does not match during the processing of injection molded parts accelerates oil deterioration

Once the oil is deteriorated, asphalt material will be precipitated, thereby reducing the service life of the hydraulic oil; at the same time, some gaps will be blocked and the machine will not work properly.

No matter what, the high temperature will cause disadvantages. No matter from which point of view, the quality and performance of the injection molded parts are not good. Therefore, to obtain high-quality injection molded parts, it is still necessary to strictly control the temperature, and of course, other technical parameters in the injection molding process cannot be ignored.

Injection processing

消費 Consumer production status of injection molding plant. Description of nylon products: outstanding abrasion resistance, its friction coefficient is usually 0.1-0.3 as 1/4 of phenolic plastic cloth, 1/3 of bar alloy is an excellent self-smoothing material with good mechanical properties. Nylon products have high hardness, and have high tensile strength, bending resistance, impact strength and high extension. His compressive strength is comparable to that of metals. Its fatigue strength is equal to that of cast iron and aluminum alloy. Stable chemical stability, it is not affected by chemicals, whether weak, alcohol, hydrocarbons, oils and fats. Light weight, good toughness, strong abrasion resistance, oil resistance, shock resistance and other characteristics. It is suitable for manufacturing wear-resistant parts, transmission structure parts, household appliance parts, automobile manufacturing parts, avoiding mechanical parts, Huagong equipment, electrical insulation parts. Such as turbines, gears, bearings, impellers, blades, screw rods, high-pressure washers, seals, nuts, screws, shuttles, sleeves, sleeve adapters, etc.

1. Mechanical properties. Nylon has high mechanical strength and good toughness.

2. Good self-lubricity and friction resistance. Nylon has good self-lubricity and a small coefficient of friction, so that it has a long service life as a transmission component.

3. Good elasticity and fatigue resistance, can withstand double deflection of tens of thousands of times

4. Good corrosion resistance, not mildew, not afraid of 蛀, have alkali resistance, but not acid and oxidant

5. Good dyeing performance

6. Relative density is small, only 1.04-1.14, except for polyolefin fiber, it is light in fiber.

1. Injection processing:

(1) Excessive injection molding pressure, too fast speed, more filling, longer injection and pressure holding time will cause excessive internal stress and cracking.

(2) Adjust the mold opening speed and pressure to prevent fast and strong drawn parts from cracking.

(3) Properly increase the mold temperature to make the part easy to demold, and appropriately lower the material temperature to prevent decomposition.

(4) Prevent cracking due to welding marks and degradation of plastic due to degradation of plastics.

(5) Appropriate use of mold release agent, pay attention to often eliminate aerosol and other substances attached to the mold surface.

(6) The residual stress of the product can be reduced by the annealing heat treatment immediately after forming to eliminate the internal stress and reduce the generation of cracks.

2. In terms of mold:

(1) Ejection should be balanced. For example, the number of ejectors and the cross-sectional area should be sufficient. The mold release slope must be sufficient. The cavity surface must be smooth enough to prevent cracking due to the residual stress concentration caused by external forces.

(2) The structure of the product should not be too thin. The transition part should use arc transition as much as possible to avoid stress concentration caused by sharp corners and chamfers.

(3) Minimize the use of metal inserts to prevent the internal stress from increasing due to the difference in shrinkage between the insert and the product.

(4) Appropriate demolding air inlet channels should be provided for deep bottom parts to prevent the formation of vacuum negative pressure.

(5) The mainstream is enough for the ambassador's gate material to release from the mold when it solidifies in the future, so it is easy to release.

(6) The joining of the main stream bushing with the nozzle should prevent the drag of the cold hard material and make the product stick to the fixed mold.

3. Material:

(1) The content of recycled material is too high, which causes the strength of the product to be too low.

(2) Excessive humidity causes some plastics to react with water vapor to reduce strength and cause ejection cracking.

(3) The material itself is not suitable for the environment being processed or the quality is not good, pollution will cause cracking.

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