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Injection processing must meet two major technical indicators


Injection processing Injection molding is an important method for consuming plastic products. We must pay attention to some matters when stopping injection processing, so as not to affect the effect of injection processing. So, what are the technical indicators that injection processing needs to meet?

的 Accuracy of injection processing equipment. Injection molding machine is one of the important equipment for injection molding processing. Without a high-precision injection molding equipment, it is impossible for consumers to produce fine injection-molded parts. Today, the repetitive errors of ordinary injection molding machines on the market are about 1%, while the ordinary errors of fine injection molding machines are less than 0.5%, and less than 0.3% are super fine injection molding machines. At present, some of the internationally popular injection molding machine consumer manufacturers , Used to be able to consume injection molding machines with an error of less than 0.15%. Therefore, our country's fine injection molding machine still needs to develop himself and improve himself from time to time.

The error of injection processing molds, although the quality of injection molding products is also related to the technical experience of workers, but the precision of injection molding molds is an important factor in determining the quality of injection molding production. However, the consumption of high-precision molds also requires high-precision consumer equipment, such as CNC lathes, milling machines, and grinders.

Changzhou injection processing

The production situation of the injection molding factory. Description of nylon products: outstanding abrasion resistance, its friction coefficient is usually 0.1-0.3 as 1/4 of phenolic plastic cloth, 1/3 of Ba alloy is an excellent self-lubricating material with good mechanical properties. Nylon products have high hardness, and have high tensile strength, bending resistance and impact strength, and high tensile extension. His compressive strength is comparable to that of metal, and its fatigue strength is equivalent to that of cast iron and aluminum alloy. Stable chemical stability, it is not affected by chemicals, whether weak, alcohol, hydrocarbons, oils and fats. Light weight, good toughness, strong wear resistance, oil resistance, shock resistance, etc., suitable for making wear-resistant parts, transmission structure parts, household appliance parts, automobile manufacturing parts, prevent mechanical parts, electrical insulation parts. Such as turbines, gears, bearings, impellers, blades, screw rods, high-pressure washers, seals, nuts, screws, shuttles, sleeves, bushing connectors, etc.

1. Excellent mechanical properties. Nylon has high mechanical strength and good toughness.

2. Good self-lubricity and friction resistance. Nylon has good self-lubricity and a small coefficient of friction, so that it has a long service life as a transmission component.

3. Good elasticity and fatigue resistance, can withstand double deflection for tens of thousands of times

4. Good corrosion resistance, not mildew, not afraid of 蛀, capable of alkali resistance, but not acid and oxidant

5. Good dyeing performance

6. Relative density is small, only 1.04-1.14, except for polyolefin fiber, it is in the fiber.

Injection processing

1. The compound coloring method is a processing and coloring technology for injection molded parts, which can produce accurate, repeatable, and appropriate shades in small batches. Most commercial plastics are colored on injection molding machines, and most engineering plastics are already colored when sold.

2. The coloring method of processing masterbatch for injection molded parts is divided into two types: pellets and liquids, which can be adjusted to various colors. Among them, pellets are common. The use of color masterbatches can be achieved by mixing plastics and color masterbatches to actually transfer the mixture or color masterbatches into the injection molding machine. Its advantages are: cheaper colors, reduced dust problems, reduced raw material costs, and easier storage.

3, injection processing dry toner coloring method is yes, its disadvantages are vacuum and dirty during use. To ensure uniform and accurate color during the production process, a specific size bag or carton can be used to load the correct amount of dry toner. When using dry toner for coloring, the surface of the plastic pellets must be covered with a layer of uniform colorant so that the color can be evenly dispersed in the melt glue. The mixing method and time must be standard to ensure uniform coloring.

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