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Electrical injection molding

Electrical injection molding

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  • Release date:2019-12-04
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What are the contents of plastic mold assembly? The mold assembly process generally includes four stages: preparation, component assembly, general assembly, inspection and debugging.

(1) Preparation stage

Including: study assembly drawings, clean and inspect parts, prepare assembly tools

(2) Assembly stage

進行 Assemble parts according to the functions of each part.

(3) Final assembly stage

Includes the following:

1) Select the assembly reference parts and arrange the assembly sequence of the upper and lower molds.

2) The parts and the assembled parts are assembled and assembled in accordance with the assembly order to become a complete mold.

3) After the mold assembly is completed, the assembly accuracy must be guaranteed to meet the specified technical requirements.

4) Shanghai molding process during inspection and debugging

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