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Direct sales equipment mould

Direct sales equipment mould

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  • Release date:2019-12-04
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Plastic products injection molding processing technology is divided into injection molding or machining molding, auto parts manufacturers tell you the process of injection molding plastic products: choose the material of the plastic-open mold-test mold-proofing-mass production, because each plastic's Material shrinkage is different. If you use the same mold to produce different material products, the size of the product is different, so you need to choose which material to use before making the product.

Products with direct selling equipment mold prices. Some products need to be exquisite in appearance. The surface of the mold can be processed (gloss, matt, leather texture, logo), and the surface of the product can also be processed by (coating, painting, sandblasting, bronzing) Treat to make the product look beautiful. The dimensional accuracy of plastic products on general machinery and equipment is relatively strict. It can be processed twice after injection molding. The secondary processing technology is turning and milling. The process of concentric wheels can ensure the consistency of internal and external dimensions. To ensure the concentricity of the wheels, the milling process can perform secondary processing on a certain position of plastic products that requires precision.

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